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"PR agencies, as opposed to advertising agencies, promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage.  This is known as “earned” or “free” media — stories appearing on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs — as compared to “paid media” or advertisements.

PR agencies and advertising agencies share the same goals:  promoting clients and making them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible.  But the paths to creating awareness are vastly different.  Most people understand advertising is paid for by the client and should be viewed with skepticism.  Articles or TV appearances in respected publications have the advantage of third-party validation and are generally viewed more favorably."

Wall Street Journal
" individual small towns, their newspapers' content is still extremely valuable...eyeballs on their [small town] papers were actually growing...."

Chicago Sun Times
"Public relations matter, but only if you want people to know about your company!"

PC World
"Facebook is part online productivity and collaboration tool, part marketing and public relations tool, and part communications platform...."

Globe and Mail
"No matter what changes the Internet and social technology will bring, there will always be a need for professional business communications between companies and the public. Entrepreneurs depend on partnerships with PR professionals to make that authentic connection with customers possible. Those PR professionals bring the fundamentals of driving a valuable dialogue and they are available to coach you through a crisis, all the while creating new opportunities that others in your industry sit back and watch with awe."

PC World
"...all of your online activity [should be looked at] as part of a public relations campaign...."

Hospitality Hotel & Travel News
"PR is not advertising. PR is not guaranteed placement, like advertising. So why use PR? It’s simple: public relations is a highly effective marketing tool for generating awareness and visibility for an individual property, hotel chain or brand. It’s about telling a story- a compelling story- that will generate interest and enter into the consciousness of potential guests. It’s about gaining recognition and mitigating negative attention. It’s about defining who and what a hotel is, and delivering that message to the public."

New York Times
"Perhaps surprisingly, the more affluent, educated, and suburban a household is, the more likely it is to take advantage of [free standing inserts]."

"A newly released Datran Media survey of executives at Fortune 500 companies, publishing companies, media agencies and ad agencies finds email and search regarded as the digital channels that worked best last year."