BIG Picture Strategies   

Work Samples

Public Relations / Media Coverage
We pitched this client's news story to the Associated Press, the leading global news network. AP ran the story within 24 hours of our initial pitch. This editorial ran in numerous newspapers throughout the United States.

Guaranteed Newspaper Article Placements

Different from an ad, to the LEFT is an actual newspaper feature story about your company that we write--guaranteed to run in at least 50 newspapers throughout the U.S. (Depending on the subject matter, placements can exceed 100 newspapers)

A great tool prior to the launch of a campaign or for companies with limited news.  Articles about your company will appear within 30 days and can be used in investor presentations, promotional literature, press releases, and more. 

Guaranteed TV News Story Placement
This client's 60 second news story BELOW was placed on CNBC during primetime. The client's story appears at the 1:06 mark and is introduced by a slate that reads "News Minute."


We will conceptualize a news story about your company, script it, produce it and can place it on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and more.